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Hydrogen Water-Make You More Health

Hydrogen is a gas that floats around the planet freely, but only in the last few years has the medical community made significant efforts to unlock the hydrogen rich water health benefits.

Hydrogen has antioxidant properties and the ability to reduce bodily inflammation. By drinking water supplemented with hydrogen, patients are able to treat a variety of health problems, including chronic pain caused by inflammation, Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, loss of appetite, and neurodegenerative diseases. According to John Biethan, an expert at the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine and advocate of hydrogen-rich water, molecular hydrogen has become such a potent health warrior because of its role in “cell signaling.” Specifically, the molecular hydrogen attacks the hydroxyl free radical in the body “that is responsible for damaging cells.” In layman’s terms, Biethan says this means that the hydrogen “tells the cells in the body what to do to allow the body to heal itself.” The result, he says, is a reduction in overall disease. Biethan has talked to many users who boast that they have not been sick or experienced allergies since they started drinking hydrogen-rich water.

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