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AOK Alkaline Water Pitcher Distributor Oliver from Sweden

My name is Oliver,AOK Water distributor from Sweden.This year is the sixth year I worked with MAYU AOK water.In China,we have contacted many suppliers .But MAYU is the only one that I have worked for 6 years.Maybe their products is not the best.But their good service,good credit really impress me.I do not need to worry about the delivery,after sales service,etc.So it is really very good for my business.When I first started water filter business,I knew little about this field,it is MAYU Group,who gives us many support,really appreciate for their help.Hope MAYU can be more successful in the business.It is a good choice to work with MAYU,and you can get all support from MAYU.
  • TEL:+86-75525182209
  • ADDRESS:C2312 Xintian Century Business Center, No.89 Shixia North 2nd Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China
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